What are people saying about Linda?

I have followed the beautiful artwork  by artist Linda Roberts for years!  I am always excited and spell bound by her creations.  I actually own one contemporary picture that Linda created. She is such a multi-talented artist.

Many of her monotype prints are so lovely!  Many of the prints contain a light blue tint accent to them that appear calming in any room.  The picture I love in my home is composed of hot vivid

colors, and I never tire of looking at it.  Sculpture is her first love and she is passionate about it.  The passion appears in each piece she creates!

Carol Cansler

Linda Roberts and I have been friends for many years and she is by far the most talented artist friend that I have.  Her creativity has inspired many people, including myself!  Whether she is creating in a realistic mode or an abstract vein, her art draws you in!  The color and design she uses, makes you happy and you just want to see more of her work!  Should you ever have the opportunity to visit her personal studio, you will be able to surround yourself with even more of Linda’s talent!  She has a multitude of talent, and has created paintings, sculptures, assemblages

and mixed media art for years!  What can I say!  I am  huge fan of Linda’s Artwork!   

Beatrix Rahms

I am extremely proud to call Linda Roberts my multi talented “Artist Friend”.After meeting Linda at least 30 years ago, I have had the pleasure to enjoy her versatility & dedication to many types of art .I’ve been an Art Teacher for 35 years & have been fortunate enough to own some of Linda’s fantastic Art!! This has enhanced my home tremendously , bringing love ,creativity & joy every day!!!Linda & I have had many Art adventures together both locally & internationally .It’s alway  exciting to see Linda’s Art work . She is an inspiration to all that knows her!!!

Merrilee Weinman

I own several paintings from Linda Robert’s collection. Her use of media, form, and color imparts a vibrancy to her work that energizes the surrounding space.  I pass by her paintings scores of times a day, my eyes are drawn to the work, and they evoke feelings of whimsy and joy. I am so glad these pieces are a part of my collection. 

Emily Elwood

Linda Roberts is an inspiration to her fellow artists. I have known Linda since 1990 as an artist and friend. Her work is whimsical, yet grounded and based on her travels and passions. Her command of a wide range of medium is a remarkable ability. Sculpture, painting, prints, ceramics, papier-mâché, mannequins, whatever medium Linda challenges, she brings it to a new, colorful life.

Cathy Boyd

For twenty three years, my wife and I have been collecting art from Linda Roberts. She’s one of the most versatile artists I’ve ever seen. Her works range from acrylics and paiper-mâché to sculptures. One of our favorites is a collection of mono type prints,representing several countries. Another is a large acrylic on canvas painting based on her figurative sculptures.

Her works are totally unique, and we treasure them so much.

Paul and Gaynell Gonzalez